Letter from Chairman of the Board – 
John J. Martin, Jr.

John Martin
John J. Martin, Jr.

To our Hillcrest family:

I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to continue to work with Hillcrest’s talented and dedicated staff in my new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors. As many of you know, the Board’s primary responsibility is (i) to provide senior management guidance with respect to executive decisions; (ii) to assist with fundraising; and (iii) to evaluate the President and CEO’s performance, on a annual basis. In addition to those fundamental responsibilities, I have four personal goals with respect to my Chairmanship, they are:

1. To “Challenge” our current Directors – Hillcrest is well served by a long-standing and committed Board. I will attempt to capitalize on each respective member’s individual strengths and skills, tapping into their  wealth of institutional and historical knowledge, while at the same time challenging them to accept new responsibilities, with a likely ask for even more of their time and talent on behalf of Hillcrest;

2. To “Learn” from the Senior Management Team – Hillcrest is a complex and multifaceted charitable social service agency and we are fortunate to have a superior executive staff in place. In my role as Chairman, I will endeavor to learn as much as I can from them so as to hopefully develop the skills necessary to provide valuable guidance during my tenure;

3. To “Support” the Staff – I fully recognize the nature and difficulty of the various staff positions here at Hillcrest. I applaud each staff member’s attentive, caring nature and attribute our success to their day-to-day effort. During my term, I pledge to support our staff and to recognize their genuine and sincere commitment, as well as their accomplishments, in every way possible; and

4. To “Serve” the Students & Clients – The sole reason Hillcrest exists is to help the students who have been entrusted to our care, their families and the clients of our community support services. Each decision we make, or action we take, should first and foremost be for the betterment of those students and clients. Our organization delivers desperately needed services and assistance, and we need to ensure that we are doing all we can to improve the lives of those we serve.

This year we have a unique opportunity to share our story with the community. You will observe our efforts to ensure that the mission and accomplishments of Hillcrest become more public. Whether you are an employee, volunteer or contributor — be proud of our organization and of your association with it and know that as you continue to support Hillcrest, we will continue to support our students and clients.

With heartfelt gratitude for and from our children,

John J. Martin, Jr., Chairman

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John J. Martin, Jr.

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