Highpoint Program Campus Construction

coming-soonThe Highpoint campus located in Lenox, Massachusetts currently has an exciting physical plant upgrade in the works. We are in the process of adding a brand new dormitory to our existing student residence halls. The new dormitory was approved by the Town of Lenox in early 2014 and construction began in September of 2014. The new building will replace our existing Hilltop building which currently houses Fernbrook students.

Our new dorm is being constructed by a local firm based in Pittsfield, MA. Contractors are braving below zero temperatures and mountains of snow to ensure the dormitory project stays on schedule! The finished product will be a townhouse style building consisting of separate residences. Each residence will be able to house six students. The students who will live in the new building will each be provided a single bedroom.  Each dorm will have a large recreational area and living room on the first floor of their unit and the six single bedrooms will be located upstairs, above the recreational space. The dormitory will have upgraded safety and security measures making it a great benefit to the students of the Highpoint campus. The building will also house a separate supervisor’s office making supervisors centrally located for the staff and students to access.

We anticipate the new building being completed and ready for our students to move in by September of 2015. A celebration will be planned for Move In Day for our students and staff as well as a celebration to say goodbye to an existing but outmoded dorm.

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