Hillcrest’s Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit

The Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit strives to break the debilitating cycle of multiple failed placements and repeated hospitalizations experienced by our students.

We provide crisis stabilization and comprehensive diagnostic assessment services for children with severe behavioral and psychiatric challenges. Each student referred to the Brookside ITU (ages 6-18 at intake) has a unique history and combination of needs that require us to provide highly specialized and individualized services. Our high staffing ratios, small classrooms, and lower clinical caseloads allow us to personalize a plan that allows each child to build upon their strengths and prepare for a less restrictive setting. Within the first 45-day stabilization/evaluation period, we will conduct a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessment, leading to recommendations for continued care – be it step down to one of our less-restrictive campuses, return to the child’s home community or, if necessary, continued care at our more intensive level of supervision at the ITU. Hillcrest is committed to learning what works for students to ensure that their continued progress, stability and permanency goals are fully supported.

The Brookside Intensive Unit is located in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of Great Barrington, MA. The campus is a large facility in a rural setting, with access to many recreational and cultural activities. We believe that an active, engaged student is more likely to succeed and encourage participation in diverse activities including hiking, theater, music, canoeing and challenge activities on our high-ropes course. As our students exhibit safe behaviors we encourage involvement in the surrounding community as deemed appropriate by the treatment team – of which families and guardians are an active part.

Check out a virtual tour of our campus:

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