Interning at Hillcrest – By: Cameron Parrino

CParrinoFrom the time I was young I had assumed my career decision would be an easy one, signing into either the NFL or the NBA. It was around middle school when I realized that this was probably not going to be the case. I began exploring new careers that would still be fast paced and eventually fell into the business field, specifically human resources.

Still unsure if this would be the right fit, I was presented the opportunity to intern with Hillcrest Educational Centers as a part of the human resources team in the administrative office for the summer. I gladly accepted the offer and was ready to see if human resources would be right for me. From day one of orientation I could tell that Hillcrest was a well-run organization. The workforce learning department has truly put a lot of work into the structure of orientation and it shows. The two days I attended orientation were packed full of new insight from various viewpoints of Hillcrest. Meeting with the administrative team, direct care staff, and students themselves really gives a comprehensive look at what Hillcrest is all about.

When I first met with Tim, Diane, Colleen and the other members of the administration I knew Hillcrest would be an enjoyable place to work. Everyone was so hospitable and ready to help in whatever way they could. As the summer continued, my list of daily tasks grew progressively larger and eventually would include projects. It seemed as though each week I learned a new skill or a new function within Hillcrest. Hillcrest staff was always around and willing to help in whatever way they could. I was given a variety of projects that were more than just fetching coffee as you see interns doing on TV. These projects were real human resources activities that allowed me to really get inside what my career may entail.

Now that we are verging on the end of summer, I can see that the lessons and skills I have learned are invaluable. After my internship I am now fixed on going into human resources post-graduation. I want to thank everyone at Hillcrest for being so welcoming and for giving me the opportunity to work with such an exceptional organization.

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