Hillcrest’s 2016 Annual Campaign

Annual CampaignAs many of you know, we are at the start of our Annual Campaign. To kick things off, we announced this to our staff at the annual all-staff meeting held at Shakespeare & Co. in December and since then, almost fifty percent of them have participated. We wanted to publicly thank our staff and let them know that we are proud of their generosity and that their support is a testimony to the impactful work that Hillcrest provides for children.

We also wanted to thank each of you who have sent in your pledge already this year. Your support gives Hillcrest the ability to continue to provide the specialized treatment and education these children deserve. And it works…

Did you know that 85% of our children successfully graduate from our programs?

And of these graduates, 90% are still successful after one year?

ASD studentOur success with special needs children is due in large part by keeping our staff trained with the most current and effective treatment strategies. Your support helps the Hillcrest training department provide a whopping 18,720 hours of internal training annually.

In addition to its successful treatment programs for children, Hillcrest has a large community impact. Supporting Hillcrest means supporting over 530 staff living and spending money in the local community. On the business side, last year, over 60% of all Hillcrest payables were to vendors located within Berkshire County.

We ask you for your donation today because your support for Hillcrest means much more than a donation. It supports your local community, the people that work in it, and gives every child a chance to be successful. To help them Heal, Learn and Thrive!

Although you can send us any amount that you feel comfortable with, please consider our different societies of giving levels to help with your decision.

Giving Levels:
New Horizons $2,000+
Champion for Kids $800-$1,999
Caring for Kids $350-$799
Leaders in Giving $150-$349
Friends of Hillcrest $0-$149

To thank all of our supports, we will publicly recognize each donation in our Newsletter, Facebook and Website at the end of the campaign.

Online Donations:

If you would like a tour of our programs or more information about Hillcrest, please do not hesitate to contact or (413) 499-7924 x 133.

We understand that you have a choice in which organizations you support. We thank you for considering
 us for a donation.

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