Campus Spotlight: Housatonic Academy Day Program

Allison Billard
Allison Billard -Program Director

Hillcrest Educational Centers’ Housatonic Academy is a therapeutic day school where the belief that all children can learn and do well is the foundation of our programming.

The Housatonic Academy program is a 12-month program, which includes a 7-week summer program. We operate on a rolling admission basis, so the students are admitted throughout the academic school year as well as during the summer months.

The academy provides individualized educational and therapeutic services that identify and build on the strengths of children and their families in a safe environment, allowing each student to reach their highest potential.

To support our children’s therapy and help them build skills for the future, Hillcrest offers multiple hands-on programs during the course of student treatment. For example, vocational programming that teaches skills to maintain rain gardens in downtown Pittsfield, certifying students in food safety and maintaining on-site greenhouses producing fresh vegetables for retail. All of these skills help students develop self-esteem and encourage them to continue their treatment in ways that can help them live independently in the future.

HA student in pool

The Housatonic Academy is licensed to serve students ages 6 through 22. Our students come to us from Berkshire County and the surrounding areas (New York, Southern Vermont). While all of our students have unique needs, the commonality is that all of our students have social-emotional or behavioral difficulties that cannot be met within the public school setting.

At the Housatonic Academy, there are classrooms that are specifically devoted to educating children on the Autism Spectrum. These classrooms utilize an Applied Behavior Analysis approach to education and behavior management.

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