Hillcrest Dental Care

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Computer_IndiaOver the last few months Hillcrest Dental Care piloted and launched SolutionReach, a platform that improves communications and enhances the overall patient experience.

This software maintains communication via text, email, and phone so our patients can stay connected to us. As long as we have a patient email or cell phone number, we are able to:

  • Send patients a reminder to add the appointment to their calendar as soon as the appointment is scheduled
  • Send an attendance confirmation request one week before their appointment
  • Send a general reminder 3 days before their appointment
  • Let them know we look forward to seeing them 4 hours before their appointment

If we don’t have an email or cell phone number, we will give the patient a call to their land-line phone 3 days in advance to confirm their appointment.

An added bonus to this new technology is that it allows us to send our patients birthday wishes, post-appointment surveys, and messages/reminders as needed. Our goal is to maintain open communications and make our patients feel like they are part of the Hillcrest Dental family. After all, our tagline is Beautiful Smiles for the Entire Family.

Oral Health Education Outreach Program

Throughout February and March Hillcrest Dental Care gave presentations at 8 local schools and day care centers to educate children on the importance of oral health care and the role it plays in a person’s overall health. Thanks to Greylock Federal Credit Union, Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation’s Central Berkshire Fund, the MDS foundation, and Hillcrest Hospital for granting/donating funds to help us expand the program this year – they made it possible for us to reach 479 students during this time. We look forward to continuing the program next year!

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