Hillcrest Community Support Services

Serving the Community

Hillcrest Community Support Services (HCSS) provides a range of services to meet the needs of children, adolescents, families, school districts, and community organizations in the Berkshires, including behavioral therapy, counseling, psychological testing, and training to public schools and community organizations.

After serving as a leader in the field working with children, parents, and families for over two decades through their residential and day school settings, Hillcrest launched the Community Support Services division in 2009 to provide these critical services to members of their home community in the Berkshires.  

Since that time, HCSS has served hundreds of families in the region. Using evidenced based approaches to help individuals and families, HCSS assists individuals in meeting their goals by providing services that have been proven to work and are delivered with skill, respect, and compassion.

Services Included:

Behavioral Therapy & Counseling for children, teens, and adults
Offered in individual, family, or group settings
Psychological Evaluations for children, teens, and adults
Refer when an individual is experiencing distress in any area of functioning
Neuropsychological Evaluations for children, teens, and adults
Refer for developmental challenges, illness, injury, memory loss, or personality changes Trainings/Professional Development services

For public/private schools and community organizations

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