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Happy Employee Appreciation Day from Hillcrest’s Senior Management Team!

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Hillcrest Educational Foundation couldn’t do the work that it does without every team member’s hard work, dedication, and compassion. Our Senior Management Team sees your efforts in improving the lives of Hillcrest students and would like to express their gratitude and admiration for the work you do for these amazing kids.

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“Our team work across shifts has increased drastically. The staff’s ability to work together and improve our treatment, education, and daily life shows the dedication to our agency and students. They continue to give the kids a chance for success that others could not.

Jon Kellogg, Program Director of Hillcrest’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Residential Program

Photo credit: Judy Clegern

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“The staff at the Brookside ITU always provide a high level of care for our special-needs students. However, they reached a new peak of excellence recently, displaying compassion and teamwork when faced by the unexpected passing of YDP (Youth Development Professional) Francis Kesse. People from all shifts and all departments arrived on campus early that Saturday morning following the accident, willing to assist us in any way they could. Some were there despite having been at the BMC emergency room into the early morning hours, comforting the accident victims and their friends.The work that was done with the students that morning, informing them of the tragedy and comforting them despite many of the adults’ shared grief, is a testament to the character and dedication of our employees.

Peter Lopenzina, Program Director of Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit

“One thing I really appreciate about the Highpoint team is that it’s a real family. Everyone works together and supports one another through the good days and the tough days. The staff goes out of their way to help one another and put smiles on each other’s faces, as well as the kid’s faces. Whether it is helping each other with a student issue, organizing activities for kids or just checking in with one another and asking how their day is going, everyone looks out for one another. Their efforts make kids feel safe and happy during their time at Hillcrest. The staff at Highpoint help kids see the bigger picture and the light at the end of the tunnel to either go back home or move on to a new setting where they can use the new skills they learned at Hillcrest. It is an honor to work alongside all of the staff in the Highpoint family every day.”

Ashley Kellogg, Program Director of Highpoint

Photo credit: Elano Dallmeyer

Tony S, Jamy F and Jon W holiday party 2019

While there are countless reasons why I appreciate my team at the Hillcrest Academy, the thing that I most appreciate is their dedication to improving the quality of education we provide to our students. The staff understands that while academics are important, it’s also important to teach our students how to be part of a school community. Our staff put their heart and soul into the work they do with the children, all to ensure that our students are cared for both at school and in the community. Because of their commitment to providing a positive school experience, our students have the opportunity to play on a basketball team, be part of a student council, gain pre-vocational experience in our school store, and know what it feels like to have caring adults supporting them, even on their worst days. Because of their efforts, our students get to enjoy going to school and being a part of a community.

Allison Billard, Program Director of Hillcrest Academy

“Hillcrest nursing is a unique and challenging type of nursing like no other. The nursing staff here not only handle our students’ medical needs but also serve as the nurturing and educational contact in their health and wellness. Our nurses work tirelessly to improve the lives of the students by scheduling specialty physicians needed to address every health-related issue, and by being up to date on all aspects of our students’ diagnosis’ and plans of care. They are the queens and kings of band-aids and boo-boos but are also so much more. They negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of our students and coordinate every appointment, which is not an easy task given we work with multiple state insurance groups. Many Hillcrest students fear seeing outside providers. The nursing teams work together with the rest of Hillcrest’s staff to assist our students in making these appointments successful. Weather, stress, or short staffing aside, they are here to deliver the best nursing care around and do so with a smile. I am in awe every day of the professionalism, kindness, and compassion with which Hillcrest nursing treats our students. I am privileged to be their Director of Nursing.”

Michele Zalot, Director Nursing at Hillcrest Educational Centers

ASD Employee

Photo credit: Elano Dallmeyer


Feature photo credit: Elano Dallmeyer

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