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How Hillcrest Residential Students Stay Busy During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had an impact on just about everyone, affecting the way we do our jobs, socialize, relax, and move about the world. And adults aren’t the only ones affected. Children are too. Many kids are not in their classrooms, playing with their friends, and getting out their excess energy. While day to day life does look different for students in our residential setting, our students are also tired, restless, and eager to do something fun. 

And our staff are dedicated to keeping them engaged, both in the classroom and out. Here are some of the activities our students have been up to in the past 6 months. All of these activities are optional, but students are encouraged to join in on the fun. 

Nature Walks at Highpoint

Nature walks are a fun, peaceful activity for the students and a change of scenery after feeling cooped up due to COVID.

Time on the Playground

What kid doesn’t love playing on the playground? It’s a chance to get outside, move their bodies, and for some, be with themselves. One student enjoys swinging every afternoon while listening to music. 

Playing Football and Basketball

A game of football or basketball after school is a great way for students to pass the time and enjoy themselves. It’s a popular activity amongst the Highpoint boys. They even have a tradition of playing a game of football on Thanksgiving. 


All three of our residential campuses have a pool for students to swim in and the students love to get in on a hot day.


Giving students fun opportunities to learn new skills is always a goal of ours. When a staff member has a unique skill to teach, whether it’s cooking or fishing, we try to make it happen. The girls at Brookside enjoyed learning to fish in the campus pond. 

Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

Talk to any teenage boy these days, and they either love Magic: The Gathering, or they know someone who does. And if you go to Highpoint or Hillcrest Academy, our day program, you’ll find plenty of fans. Students have been enjoying Magic: The Gathering tournaments in their dorm common rooms.

Arts and Crafts

Most Hillcrest students enjoy getting creative, both in art class or as an after-school activity. Students draw, paint, create collages, and more. There is something for everyone who wants to participate. 

Back to School

A September favorite amongst the students at the ASD Residential campus, the Back to School Family Strong event aims to give students and their families the classic experience of “shopping” for school supplies. It’s a ritual many families didn’t get to experience or didn’t get to enjoy in the past, and in the safe, structured Hillcrest environment, everyone gets to enjoy the experience of picking out a backpack.

For the safety and well-being of all our students, some of these activities are only available for students who have consistently exhibited safe behaviors. 


We’re looking for dynamic, compassionate people to join our team! Check out our career openings. We’re waiting to hear from you. 

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