Last month we shared Part I of our students’ proudest moments. We, the staff at Hillcrest, are very proud of their hard work, and we know the other caring and loving adults in their lives are as well. But most important is how our students feel about themselves and their accomplishments. Today we want to share more of their answers. 

We asked our students what their proudest moment has been, what it took to achieve that growth, and if anything they learned at Hillcrest helped them along the way.

Keep reading to hear Hillcrest students share their proudest moments. 


*******Student answers have been slightly edited for clarity*******

“I got Student of the Week. [I had] to behave. [I learned to] stay safe.” Karyzma, Brookside

“It was last year when I started listening and taking people’s advice and using it and I stopped doing my bad behavior. [It took] a lot of hard work and time. I learned that not everyone is bad and that you can trust people and that’s what helped me.” — Montana, Brookside 

“One thing I’m proud of since I came to Hillcrest is that I’ve gotten a lot better at addition and subtraction with money. I got better at this by practicing in class, and remembering what each coin and bill is worth. It feels good that I’ve learned this because now I feel like I am more independent, and could spend money in the store. I am also proud of how much progress I’ve made in the program.” — Angelo, Highpoint 

“It was knowing that even though I struggle and I am not perfect I can still achieve to be a good person.  [It took] knowing I have my family and people at Hillcrest to help me to do this.” — Lynn, Brookside 

“I earned a DVD player for myself. I followed through with my clinician’s plans and worked hard. It took patience.” — Creed, ASD Residential 

“I’m proud because I’ve made progress in controlling my behaviors. I used to go off location all the time when I was angry. Now I know that I have staff that I can talk to about what I’m feeling when I’m upset. Staff like my clinician, my teacher, and my residential staff helped me to get here. It feels good that I’ve come so far because now I’m almost ready to discharge.” — Jose, Highpoint

“[I was proud of myself] when I had 2 weeks of no processing. It took a lot of stop, think, and decides. A lot of music, major respectfulness to staff. [I learned] that I am capable of getting what I want if I am respectful and that I can reach any goal I set for myself.” — Emilee, Brookside

“I was told that I was off of my safety plan and it made me very happy and I was also proud of myself. [It took] self-awareness and I wanted to get off of it so I could shave and work on moving up and not down and working on getting off of welcoming* to commitment*. [I learned that] safety and trying to do better is all you can do. You can mess up, but there is always a first, second, and third chance. Just try. When it rains it pours and it could mess up your crops. When it’s sunny, flowers bloom and nothing can stop you. Just keep trying. You get it?” — T’Keyrah, Brookside

“I’m proud because I’ve learned to be more safe. I used to get bored and do unsafe things like climb roofs and mix chemicals. But now I’ve learned how dangerous these activities can be, and I’ve worked on making the right choices and decisions when I’m bored or hyper. My clinician and my staff have helped me to get here, and it feels good knowing how to make the right choices because I don’t get in trouble much, and I can get farther in life when I don’t get in trouble.” — Isaiah, Highpoint

“So, the day I was proud of myself is when I turned 15 on January 17th and I’ve been Student of the Week. Just be good until your next birthday and stay safe and positive. Just to stay well behaved to get Student of the Week. [I learned] to never let people get in the way of [my] treatment [and how to] get myself on track when I’m not on track.” — Jaylin, Brookside 

“I had a good/long time of safe days. [It took] a lot of focusing on myself and a lot of hard work. [I learned] my skills and to ignore peer negativity.” Destiney, Brookside

When I was having very very hard times and stressful times but I came a very very long long way, also earning all my privileges back. Really have people that I know really cares and support me lots. [It took] having staff, supes, admins, nurses, and doctors and all support and care helped me get through this hard times. Wonderful teaching and learning skills. [I learned] talking and writing down my feelings. Understanding that all staff are trying to help, support, caring about us. Knowing new things and learning and teaching me. I am so happy and hopeful for support. Thanks for helping me coming for a long way to use skills and learning. Also understanding and teaching and learning about skills and anger.” — Kells, Brookside


*Hillcrest’s Brookside and Highpoint campuses utilize specific treatment  programs with different levels to guide students through their treatment at Hillcrest.

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Don’t forget to read Hillcrest Students’ Proudest Moments: Part I. 

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